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About Us

About Us

ETS Peninsula House Capital is a Douala (Cameroon) based Proprietorship Firm that is engaged in retailing, wholesaling and export of premium trade quality West African Timber in a range of top wood species including Teak, Sapele (Mahogany), Okan, Padauk, Ebony, Movingui, among others.

Founded more than 30 years ago as a small wood supplier in Cameroon, Douala, ETS Peninsula House Capital is now the biggest exporter & supplier of high-quality African wood logs & timber, with export to over 20 countries in the world. As of now, our Cameroon sawmill factory has 100+ experienced workers and our average monthly capacity is 3000 m3.

Our Goal

Become the number one and most trusted supplier & distributor of high-quality African wood logs and timber around the world.

Our Core Values

At ETS Peninsula House Capital, we are driven by the following three core values:

1. Quality

We strive to keep delivering the highest quality African wood to our clients worldwide. It is our responsibility to maintain the promises we make to our customers. And having an in-house quality control team enables us to keep the promise of high-quality wood products.

2. Reliability

We understand how important it is for furniture businesses, construction projects, etc. to get their raw material and wood on time. So, we make it our mission to deliver top quality wood always on time to our clients worldwide. This is one of the reasons why we are trusted by hundreds of furniture makers globally.

3. Care

Most importantly, we care for our customers and never think twice before going that extra mile to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. We have a dedicated support team that is here to listen to and solve customer issues on a priority basis.

  • ETS Peninsula House Capital Certified By ISPM ( International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures ) sets high standard regulation of wood packaging material in international trade.
  • ETS Peninsula House Capital Certified By CITES ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species ) ensures the international trade of wood does not threaten the survival of the endangered species.
  • ETS Peninsula House Capital Certified By ICF ( Inspeciton Certificate of Fumigation ) confirms that all the wood exports have been fumigated on regular basis.


ETS Peninsula House Capital Services

Small Wood Order

We now also accept small wood orders. You can place a timber order as small as 1 or 2 containers. This option is ideal for new businesses and those looking to check the quality before buying in bulk.

Brokerage Service

Partner with us to earn a handsome income by referring to new buyers & customers to ETS Peninsula House Capital.

Wood Drying

Within our own sawmill factory, we offer advanced wood drying services, including both air drying and kiln drying.

Wood Processing

We provide a complete range of wood & timber processing services, including pulpwood processing, groundwood processing, chip & bark processing, and biomass processing.

Wood Harvesting

We have huge experience in and now offer complete wood harvesting services, from tree felling to delimbing, debarking & extraction, log making, storage and transportation.

Wood Transportation

Now get your wood logs and timber delivered worldwide in a cost-efficient and faster way. Avail exclusive wood transportation services from ETS Peninsula House Capital.

Timber Treatment

We also provide all the top & leading types of wood treatment services, such as fire protection treatment, wood hardening, dimensional stabilization, and insect treatment.

Tanalised Wood Treatment

Tanalising is the process of treating the wood with a safety layer in order to increase its life & strength. Find affordable & high-quality wood tanalising service at ETS Peninsula House Capital.

Timber Moulding (S4S)

S4S timber or S4S moulding refer to a standard timber that has been surfaced on all four sides. We sell S4S timber moulding in all standard and custom sizes.

Benefits of Buying Wood from ETS Peninsula House Capital

  • We have our own mill, where all the wood is cut & processed, thus keeping the cost minimal and the quality superior.
  • Besides exporting top-class Africa wood logs & timber worldwide, we also provide a complete range of wood processing services, including brokerage, wood drying, wood harvesting, timber treatment, tantalizing, etc.
  • Worldwide delivery. We deliver timber to more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Canada, Africa, and others.
  • Order in your preferred size and length. The best advantage of having our own sawmill is that we are able to offer timber cut in custom sizes and length as required by our customers.
  • Unlimited volume capacity. Our average monthly capacity is 3000 m3, which means we are ready to accept and can timely deliver large timber orders.
  • Safe & Timely Delivery. Our fully-monitored & systematic process ensures you get the best quality timber in the best condition and on time.

We are among the top timber exporter companies in the Cameroon area and deliver freshly sawn timber as well as timber round logs to businesses and individuals in both the domestic and international markets. Our international timber export services are available in the Middle East, Europe, Malaysia, Iraq and all the six GCC (Arab) countries.

We “ETS Peninsula House Capital” have also partnered with the Ministry Of Forestry and Wildlife in Douala City, to promote mutual research and cooperation with the intent to enrich our manufacturing capabilities and resources with the latest tools and technologies to ensure the production of optimum quality wood timber.

Being one of the oldest timber exporting firms in the region, we deliver a wide range of timber species owing to our years of experience and a great team of production personnel. At ETS Peninsula House Capital, we believe in catering our best to each buyer’s request.

Our product categories (wood species) include but are not limited to – Kosso, Afromosia, Beli, Bubinga, Ebony, Iroko, Mahogany, Maobi, Padauk, Azobe, Bilinga, Doussie, Ekop, Ironwood, Makore, Okan, Rosewood, etc. You can find more information on our ‘Wood Species’ page.

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