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Black Limba (Frake) Sawn Timber


Black Limba hardwood is a native to tropical western Africa. It is light yellow to brown in colour and has grey/black stripes, which are responsible for the name Black Limba. The wood is not highly durable.

The frake timber or Black Limba is primarily used for making furniture, veneer, plywood, and musical instruments. Being the leading supplier of black limba timber in Cameroon, we at ETS Peninsula House Capital are engaged in the export and supply of top quality and high-value black limba timber all over the world.

Contact cameroontimberexportsarl now to enquire about the best price quote for Black Limba (Frake) sawn timber or wood logs or to find out more about our Black Limba wood quality, grades, processing and supply. You can also send your queries to us by email ( or phone at +237 65798322