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Bubinga Wood Logs

Bubinga, or Kevazingo, is a Guibourtia species wood mostly originating in Equatorial Africa. The tree size is 130 to 150 ft in length and 3 to 6 ft in trunk diameter. The wood color may range from light red to dark red with black or dark purple streaks.


Bubinga Wood (African Rosewood): Properties, Uses & How to Buy

Bubinga is an African native hardwood that is known to be extremely hard, durable and resistant to termites. Because it shares appearance with rosewood, Bubinga is occasionally referred to as African rosewood. In this article, we talk about the various properties and uses of Bubinga wood along with the best place to buy premium quality Bubinga timber at low prices.

About Bubinga

Bubinga is a hardwood found primarily in equatorial Africa, including Cameroon and Gabon. Bubinga trees are quite large with an average height of 100-150 ft and a large trunk diameter of 3-6 ft. The wood has a high Janka rating of 2,410 lbf, which makes it extremely hard and dense (heavy). Because of the high popularity and extraordinary qualities of Bubinga, it is generally very expensive for an imported wood.

Bubinga Wood Properties & Characteristics

Bubinga is a hard wood. It is practically very hard and heavy and has an unpleasant odour when freshly sawn.

The colour of Bubinga heartwood is dark reddish-brown and has black or purple streaks throughout its body. The sapwood colour is pale straw, generally clearly distinguished from the heartwood. The heartwood may have different figures, including waterfall, pommele, mottled, etc. The straight (sometimes interlocked) and rich grain with its fine-medium texture make Bubinga perfect for a variety of projects including tabletops and heavy flooring.

In terms of durability, Bubinga is rated as very durable. Some species are less durable than others. It also has a good natural resistance to insect, termite, rot and marine borer attacks.

Despite being very hard and dense, Bubinga is rather easy to work with. Interlocked grain can sometimes cause tearout when planing. Turns and finishes well. The unpleasant odour of freshly sawn wood will automatically disappear upon drying.

Technical Specifications:

  • Average Dried Weight: 56 lbs/ft3 (890 kg/m3)
  • Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .72, .89
  • Janka Hardness: 2,410 lbf (10,720 N)
  • Modulus of Rupture: 24,410 lbf/in2 (168.3 MPa)
  • Elastic Modulus: 2,670,000 lbf/in2 (18.41 GPa)
  • Crushing Strength: 10,990 lbf/in2 (75.8 MPa)
  • Shrinkage: Radial: 6.0%, Tangential: 8.2%, Volumetric: 13.9%, T/R Ratio: 1.4
  • Source:

Bubinga Wood Price, Availability & Uses

Bubinga is easily available and imported in most parts of the world. It can be moderately to expensively priced, depending on availability. Heartwood with figured patterns is generally more expensive.

Common uses of Bubinga include veneering, furniture, flooring, inlays, cabinetry, turnings, etc. It has good moisture resistance and high durability, which makes it suitable for outdoor projects. Because Bubinga trees grow very high, large natural-edge slabs of it are used in tabletops.

Where and How To Buy Bubinga Wood

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