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Cerejeira Amburana


About Cerejeira Amburana

Cerejeira Wood Import Online at best price – Cerejeira, also known as Amburana in some regions, is a Brazil-native hardwood that also grows in some other locations. The wood is pale yellow to medium golden brown in color. It has straight to slightly interlocked grain.

The resistance to rot is moderate and the lumber is not very durable. It is easy to work with and cuts, glues, and finishes well. Common uses of Cerejeira wood logs include veneering, furniture, flooring, windows, doors, interior, carvings, and joinery.

ETS Peninsula House Capital is a top exporter of Cerejeira Amburana in Cameroon, Africa and ships to all locations in the UAE, Canada, Australia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Honduras, etc. To purchase the best quality Cerejeira Amburana at competitive prices, contact ETS Peninsula House Capital today.

How To Buy Cerejeira Amburana

We as a leading Cerejeira Amburana supplier follow sustainable wood harvesting and processing practices and are famous to export premium quality cerejeira lumber at the cheapest prices. Call us today or drop an email to enquire about Cerejeira wood logs specifications, quality, prices and availability.