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Cumaru Wood (Brazilian Teak)

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Cumaru Wood

Cumaru is a South American native wood found mostly in Brazil due to which it is sometimes called as Brazilian Teak. It comes in golden tan and red-brown colors and may have a reddish hue on the body and yellowish streaks. Cumaru is known to be a very strong wood and had a high Janka rating, which makes it a very durable wood suitable for a variety of woodworking projects including outdoor construction of houses, cabins, boats, docks, furniture and more. Cumaru is both strong and resistant to decay, rot and weather conditions. It can take moisture up to some extent. The interlocked grain of Cumaru may make it slightly difficult to work with and the presence of silica will cause a blunting effect on cutting machines.

The Cumaru wood is used for building cabins and for other construction purposes. In industries, wood logs are used for making timber.

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