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Dabema Timber


Dabema is an African wood species, which is also known by trade names of Bukungu and Dahoma. It has a pale pink or red sapwood and a light brown or golden brown heartwood, which sometimes produces a ribbon-like aspect when quarter sawn. The freshly cut Dabema timber has a foul ammoniac odour.

The wood have interlocked grains, which make it cause a blunting effect. It’s easy to glue and nail though. Dabema timber is moderately durable to termite attack and fungi and has decent resistance to dry wood borers. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as furniture making, flooring, construction, veneering, paneling, and others.

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All our timber is sustainably harvested in local forests in Cameroon and we provide a full guarantee of quality and price.

To order Dabema timber now, use the form below. Alternatively, you can email us or call us with your requirements and to know more about our Dabema wood timber quality, price and specifications. Feel free to visit our timber mill located in Douala, Cameroon at any time.