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Eucalyptus Timber

ETS Peninsula House Capital is the best place to buy/import top-quality Eucalyptus timber at the guaranteed lowest price online. We are a leading exporter of premium grade timber with worldwide shipping including UAW, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Honduras, Australia, Oman, Indonesia, Cambodia, Panama, Brazil, Colombia and many other countries in Europe, Asia, and the United States. All our timber products are backed by our 100% quality and price guarantee.


About Eucalyptus Timber

Eucalyptus Timber, also called Eucalyptus urograndis, is made from two species namely Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus urophylla. It grows in many parts of the world, including Brazil, Australia, and the United States. Eucalyptus trees are on average 65-100 ft tall and have a 3-4 ft trunk diameter. The wood has a Janka Hardness score of 1,420 lbf.

Eucalyptus Timber may have a pink to a darker brownish red color with an appearance similar to Black Cherry and Honduran Mahogany. The timber color gets darker with age. It has a medium texture with straight & even grain. The wood is moderately durable and has decent resistance to decay, but is prone to insect attack. It is easy to work with and glues, stains and finishes well. Common uses of Eucalyptus include lumber, flooring, cabinetry, plywood, interior, and turned objects.

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To buy the best quality Eucalyptus Timber online from ETS Peninsula House Capital, call us or send an email with details of your project and the type and size of timber you need. Try to be as specific as possible about the timber dimensions. You can also visit our website to find out more about our timber species, products and services. We promise to offer great quality Eucalyptus timber at the best price in the market.