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Garapa Wood

Garapa is a South America native hardwood that has a golden to yellowish brown color. Being naturally chatoyant, the Garapa hardwood color shifts from light yellow to dark brown in different angles.


Buy the best quality Garapa wood logs at guaranteed lowest prices from a reliable and experienced wood supplier. We deliver to all locations in major countries and cities in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other regions. All our wood is sustainably harvested and processed and delivered through our in-house shopping system to ensure quality and sustainability. Contact us to know more.

Garapa trees are 65-100 ft tall and have 3-5 ft trunk diameter on average. With a Janka rating of 1650 lbf, Garapa is considered fairly hard and dense and is also rated as durable. The grain is usually straight with a uniform texture. Garapa is prone to insect attacks and termites but is resistant to decay.

In terms of use, Garapa is considered easy to work. It finishes and glues well. The wood is primarily used for exterior applications such as boatbuilding, floorin, decking and dock because of its high durability. Garapa wood logs are commonly used for construction and by woodworkers.

It is easily available in most locations and is moderately priced.

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You might find it useful to know that the wood products we sell at ETS Peninsula House Capital have been produced, processed and handled sustainably by expert & trained woodworkers. From production to processing and delivery, we personally handle everything through our in-house team. In addition to wood logging and timber, we also provide many other wood related services, including wood treatment, transportation, brokerage, wood drying & processing, and others.