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Guanacaste Wood


Looking to buy Guanacaste wood at bulk prices? You’re at the right place. ETS Peninsula House Capital is a top provider of hardwood species, including Guanacaste wood, in the world. We export to all major cities and countries. We provide the best quality wood products with guaranteed on-time delivery and the best price in the market. Whether you need Guanacaste wood in standard sizes or any particular dimensions, we can provide it to your location anywhere in the world. Contact us today to know more.

What is Guanacaste? Is It Strong/Durable? What Does It Look Like?

Guanacaste is a hardwood that grows in Central America, Mexico and northern South America. The Guanacaste wood is considered very durable and used extensively for making furniture frames, table tops, boards, turned objects and other millwork. Commonly known as Parota, the wood can be moderate to expensively priced depending on the availability. Guanacaste is resistant to moisture and insect attacks.

Guanacaste heartwood is light-medium brown, sometimes with dark brown streaks, while the heartwood is pale yellow.

How To Buy Guanacaste Wood At The Lowest Price

To buy Guanacaste wood at the best price from Cameroon’s top wood supplier, call us today +237 671 77 6559.
You can also visit our website to send your requirements directly to our sales team for fast processing. Make sure to mention completion details about your project and the type of wood you want to buy in how much quantity with preferred dimensions. Have a question? Call us right away to talk to a woodworking expert. Thanks!