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Ilomba Timber


Ilomba timber is known for its competitive pricing and moderate stability and strength characteristics that make it a nice alternative to many popular hardwoods and softwoods. Ilomba is not very strong and durable, but it works fine across a variety of projects ranging from furniture to panelling, moulding, blockboard and others.

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Ilomba Timber

Ilomba heartwood is whitelist or pinkish brown, generally with yellowish streaks. It has straight grain and medium to coarse texture. The wood is only moderately stable, not durable and prone to attacks by insects, wood borers and termites. However, it can be treated, which can make the wood resistant to a variety of insects and suitable for outdoor use. Ilomba does not dry easily, especially the one with more width. It is prone to distortion, splitting and collapse when working. Steaming is recommended before drying for a better result.

Ilomba is easy to work with machines and hand tools. However, it is difficult to polish and doesn’t hold nails well. Ilomba is also commonly used for making veneer and plywood because it peels and slices easily. It paints and glues well.

The timber is widely used in furniture making, veneering, exterior panelling, interior joinery, blockboards, moulding, pencils, rolling shutters, and boxes and crates.

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