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Jatoba Wood


We are a top supplier and global exporter of Jatoba wood logs in Latin America, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe and Saudi Arabia. It is a strong and very durable wood ideal for purposes ranging from flooring to furniture, boatbuildings, turned objects, and others. It is also used in construction. If you are a wood merchant or dealer, feel free to contact us for the best price on Jatoba hardwood logs wholesale orders.

ETS Peninsula House Capital is a top supplier & exporter of Jatoba wood logs in many countries around the world. Contact us for the best quality Jatoba lumber and timber at the guaranteed lowest price in the market.

Jatoba Hardwood

Jatoba hardwood is extracted from Jatoba trees that grow in Central and South America, and West Indies. The wood is considered highly durable and has outstanding resistant qualities, which make it suitable for a variety of uses, including both outdoor and others. The wood logs are sold by ETS Peninsula House Capital both in bulk and by piece at the best price in the market. Our wood is sustainably produced, harvested and processed and we promise to give you the best quality products at reasonable rates.

Our Jatoba wood is very durable. It is resistant to insect attack, termites and rot. Naturally, the wood is light or dark brown in color and had dark greyish brown streaks. It is generally difficult to work with because of the hardness, but glues and finishes rather well.

If you are looking for the best place to buy Jatoba wood at cheap rates, you are here. As a top Jatoba lumber supplier, we have the wood available in different sizes and dimensions and can deliver to all major cities and countries with a full quality guarantee. For doorstep delivery of wood to your address, contact our team today to enquire about availability and price.