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Meranti Wood


Meranti wood is a brown reddish colored wood with a variety of applications and many sources. You can find and buy the best quality Meranti wood logs at the lowest prices from ETS Peninsula House Capital – the largest supplier of raw wood and timber in Central Africa. We sell & export all top species of Meranti to our customers in all major locations around the world, including the UAE, Canada, Iraq, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

It  is a hardwood that mainly grows in Southeast Asia and is exported to the world from there. Known by different names in different regions, such as Dark Red Meranti, Lauan, Philippine Mahogany, the wood color can range from yellowish gray to brownish red, depending on the origin. In terms of durability, Meranti wood is rated as moderately durable with little or no resistance to rot and insects. It is one of the easiest woods to work with. It cuts, mills and sands easily but it is difficult to bend. Common uses include timber making, molding, structure, furniture, veneering, cabinets, etc. Meranti lumber is available in abundance and is one of the cheapest hardwoods.

To buy premium quality lumber directly from the manufacturer at the lowest prices, contact ETS Peninsula House Capital along with details of your project and the type of wood you want. Also, you can call us to enquire about the quality, availability and prices of our Meranti wood.