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Ovangkol Wood

Looking to buy top-grade African Ovangkol wood Logs Species from ETS Peninsula House Capital? Use the form below to send your enquiries along with preferred size and measurements.


Ovangkol is an African wood species that is commonly found in Tropical West Africa. The Ovangkol tree is about 100-150 ft (30-45 m) in height. Its grain is straight to slightly interlocked and color varies from yellowish to reddish brown. The wood is moderately durable and has good insect resistance.

Ovangkol wood logs are cut and processed at our own sawmill here in ETS Peninsula House Capital and exported worldwide. We are a totally legit company with over 20 years in business. We all the top variety of Ovangkol round logs cut in different shapes and sizes. You can buy Ovangkol logs in standard as well as custom sizes from ETS Peninsula House Capital.