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Pachyloba Wood

At ETS Peninsula House Capital, we can provide top-quality Pachyloba sawn timber in all standard sizes and dimensions. You can place an order for any quantity of timber, small or large, to be delivered anywhere in the world. To know more or to place your order now, fill-up the form below to send your enquiries.


Pachyloba Wood is an African wood species in the Afzelia genus. It has characteristics similar to Afzelia wood. The major origin and distribution are limited to Cameroon. In terms of rot resistance, the wood is classified as the best, while it has poor termite/insect resistance.

Pachyloba, similar to Afzelia, is usable in a variety of wood projects such as furniture making, boat building, cabinetry, veneer, flooring, docks, turned objects, and exterior millwork and construction projects.