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Plywood is a man-made wood that is manufactured by combining thin layers of veneer called plies together with each other by using glue. The result is a solid wood product that is sometimes even more stable, stronger and more durable than actual wood.

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 Benefits of Plywood

Plywood is manufactured by combining layers of wood veneer such that adjacent layers have their grain rotated up to 90 degrees so that wood resin and fiber sheets bind to form a strong composite material. This type of engineered wood is very durable and has many other benefits, including:

  • Doesn’t split when nailed at the edged;
  • Has better dimensional stability;
  • Doesn’t expand or shrink a lot;
  • Has consistent strength across all directions of the panel.

It has high stiffness and good resistance against warping. Plywoods can be of different types and may range from poor to great in quality depending on the number and arrangement of plies.

In general, it has the following 8 types:

  1. Softwood – This type of plywood is made of softwoods like cedar, pine, fir or spruce and is generally used for construction purposes.
  2. Hardwood – This type of plywood is made of hardwoods like oak, beech and mahogany and is known for having excellent strength and stiffness.
  3. Tropical is made of tropical timber hardwood species.
  4. Aircraft is made of mahogany, spruce or birch and has extraordinary strength and resistance characteristics.
  5. Decorative
  6. Flexible
  7. Marine
  8. Others include fire retardant, moisture-resistant, wire mesh, pressure-treated plywood, etc.

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