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Sipo Wood


Sipo Wood (Entandrophragma Utile) is a high-quality hardwood species found mainly in West and Central Africa. It is also commonly known as Utile in some regions. The wood has good strength and hardness and is rated as durable. Whether you are looking for the best place to buy Sipo wood at the right price or just want to know more about the characteristics of this multi-utility hardwood, contact ETS Peninsula House Capital to purchase the best quality timber at the right price.

About Utile/Sipo

Utile, also known as Sipo and Sip Mahogany, is a hardwood tree that primarily grows in West and Central Africa. Sipo trees normally grow to a height of over 50 m and have an average trunk diameter of 1.5 m. Sipo is not easily available and its logging is banned in many countries.

As for the wood color, the Sipo heartwood is medium reddish brown and the sapwood is pale yellow and clearly defined. It looks somewhat similar to Sapele, but does not have any dramatic figuring of grain. Grain is interlocked and has a uniform texture. Sipo wood is moderately durable and has basic insect resistance. The interlocked grain of Utile can make it difficult to work with some machines. Also, it can lose its color when in direct contact with iron. The wood glues, finishes and turns rather well.

Common uses of Sipo hardwood include furniture making, boat building, cabinetry, veneering, flooring, turned objects, etc.

How to Buy Sipo Wood

When looking to buy Sipo, make sure to only buy from an authentic supplier who provides sustainably harvested wood. ETS Peninsula House Capital is a top supplier of Sipo Utile wood in East Africa. We ship to all locations around the world. All wood is sustainably produced and is of the best quality. As one of the leading suppliers of wood in the world, we are the most reliable and cost-effective choice to buy the best quality Sipo wood and timber at an affordable price. Contact us today to place your order.