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African Teak Wood Log (Afromosia)

Afromosia Wood Also commonly known as African Teak wood, Afromosia wood’s distribution is mostly limited to West Africa. Its scientific name is Pericopsis elata. The usual height of an Afromosia tree is in the range of 100-150 ft and trunk diameter is 3 to 5 ft.


About Afromosia Wood

Afromosia, commonly known as African Teak, is a hardwood species found commonly in West Africa. Here’s everything you need to know about Afromosia, including where to buy sustainable wood at the right price.

As a top supplier and exporter of hardwood logs and timber in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, ETS Peninsula House Capital is the best place to buy African teak wood at the best price in the market.

African Teak Wood (Afromosia Hardwood) and its Properties

Afromosia hardwood trees are about 100-150 ft tall and have a 3-5 ft trunk diameter. They are quite hard and dense and have an above-average Janka Rating (1,570 lbf). The trees are mostly found in West Africa.

Heartwood of an Afromosia tree is yellowish brown, sometimes with an olive or reddish hue. The sapwood is pale yellow and easy to distinguish. The heartwood colour will darken with age. The wood has a straight grain, sometimes interlocked and a fine uniform texture.

It has been rated as very durable, is resistant to decay, rot, termites and insects, and is easy to work with. Afromosia can be worked with both hand and machine tools. When in contact with iron, it can sometimes develop dark stains. The Afromosia wood glues, stains, turns and finishes well. The freshly sawn timber has a distinct and easy to know odour.

Afromosia is available at and exported by several wood merchants in Africa. It is not very easily available because of the risk of extinction, however, it is possible to find sustainable African teak timber and logs with a leading merchant like ETS Peninsula House Capital. The price ranges from medium to high, depending on the location. In Africa, it is available at a moderate price.

Where To Buy Afromosia Wood At Best Price

When purchasing African teak wood, always check its colour and other qualities to ensure buying genuine, high-quality wood. Not sure where to buy it from? Contact ETS Peninsula House Capital for the best price for Afromosia wood logs and timber. We export to all major countries in the Middle East, GCC, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

How to Buy the Best Quality Afromosia Wood Logs and Timber

In order to buy good quality timber, you must have a basic knowledge of Afromosia hardwood. We have mentioned brief information and properties of this wood in this article, which you can read above. For more information, you can Google Afromosia hardwood.

To buy Afromosia timber, you can ask around and get in touch with your local wood suppliers. To know the right wholesale price of African Teak, call us at +237 671 77 6559.

To buy the best quality Afromosia wood from ETS Peninsula House Capital, you can call us directly or use our contact form to send your requirements. Make sure to provide as many details about your project as possible, including the dimensions and amount of wood you need. Wherever you are in the world, we can export Afromosia wood logs and timber safely to your location. Higher discounts are applicable for large wholesale orders. But, we also accept small orders for Afromosia wood.

At ETS Peninsula House Capital we are dealing with all types of exporting services and become one of the top African Teak Wood Log (Afromosia) Suppliers. ETS Peninsula House Capital also offers related services, including wood drying, wood treatment, wood harvesting, processing, transportation, tanalised treatment, and timber moulding.

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