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Ilomba Wood


Ilomba is one of the lesser-known timber species. It is a low cost, low strength wood that is mainly used for furniture, veneering, panelling, moulding, joinery, and to build boxes, crates and pencils. If you are looking to buy kiln dried Ilomba wood for any personal or commercial purposes, contact ETS Peninsula House Capital for the best price in the market.

About Ilomba Wood

Ilomba is light pinkish-brown wood that is exclusively found in the rainforests of Guinea, Uganda, Sierra Leone and tropical West Africa. The wood is limited in popularity but is widely used for its competitive pricing and easy availability. Because it is not very strong, Ilomba has low durability and is prone to shakes. The wood grain is straight with a coarse texture. It peels easily but will likely split during nailing. It glues well and takes normal time to dry. Quartersawn is usually the best way to cut Ilomba as it helps reduce the chances of distortion in the wood. Ilomba is not very strong or durable. It is prone to fungi, termites and wood borers.

This wood is suitable for a variety of applications from furniture making to veneering, panelling, pencils, moulding, joinery, boxes and crates, rolling shutters, blockboard, among others. Outdoor use is not recommended.

How to Buy

If Ilomba is the right wood for your project, then do not wait to buy it now. Order kiln dried Ilomba wood (logs) online from ETS Peninsula House Capital – Central Africa’s No. 1 wood manufacturer and supplier – at the best price with a 100% quality guarantee. All wood is locally produced and processed at our Cameroon factory and exported to many countries around the world. Contact us today to enquire about the Ilomba quality, availability and price.